About Cryptoinvestwisely

We are a company located in London, United Kingdom in the Mapple House building. We invest in cryptocurrencies and forex. Cryptoinvestwisely Limited is a young company, but only in documents. In fact, we've all been in the industry for over 10 years.

We employ 2 teams of traders who work hard for you to achieve the expected profit. We are a company focused on the safety of our clients. That is why we have made every effort to ensure that your funds are safe and we have succeeded.

Meet our Managers Team

Simon Jonas Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Simon is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of innovate portal Cryptoinvestwisely Limited - First Investment Program with insurance and 100% no-risk guarantee. His professional focus has always been directed towards investor wealth maximization and security of theirs funds. This behavior allowed him to open Cryptoinvestwisely Limited and manag Sales, Trading, and Corporate Finance departments .
Christopher Hoyland Co-Founder and Financial Manager
Kosta is a Co-Founder of Cryptoinvestwisely Limited and the visionary. He is directly responsible for the success story of the whole European FinTech . An early adopter of bitcoin, he quickly realized the potential of blockchain technology. He was the one of first whos mine bitcoin. This prompting him to develop at Cryptoinvestwisely Limited and some projects before.
Katerina Semenova Support and Advertising Manager
Katerina Semenova is a Cryptoinvestwisely advocate with experience in crypto-related legal and investor relations. She graduated from the London Business School with a degree in international business law. Right out of university, Semenova taked part in crypto business development and investment strategies during its 2018 private token sale. She has had several roles while before she join to Cryptoinvestwisely Limited.

    Our Headquaters in London, Mapple House

Your Crypto Is in Safe Hands

The Cryptoinvestwisely Limited platform is equipped with an industry-leading security infrastructure, designed to ensure maximum protection for your finances at all times.

Our trader departments are teams created to invest in the cryptocurrency and forex market. One is dedicated to investing in crypto, while the other is a team created specifically for the forex market.

Both teams are supported by a technical team that creates specially designed trading bots that allow you to make sky-high profits. Bots analyze the current market situation on the basis of variables introduced 24 hours a day by our traders. All these elements and insurance in an external company, can guarantee you 100% risk free investment.

Some facts why choose
Cryptoinvestwisely Limited

  • 1

    Guaranteed Profit

    BFrequent price fluctuations in the forex and cryptocurrency markets offer many opportunities to earn. Our experts using autized bots can achieve the intended profit within a certain period of time.

  • 2

    The Security of Your Finances

    Safety is our priority. The portal is constantly audited by certified companies in search of possible threats.

  • 3

    Fast Withdraws

    For security reasons, each withdrawal must be manually approved. This is time-consuming, but gives you 100% confidence that the funds will not be stolen.

  • 4

    100% No-risk Guarantee

    We are the only investment portal that gives you 100% no-risk guarantee. This means that there is no possibility of losing your hard earned money.

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